HOFC Roundup 2018

It started well off in January kicking off with our much beloved Doubles League. This league is a nice friendly league in which yearly a good number of anglers participate.

This years’ league was made up of 11 teams. Senglea, Xatt L-ahmar Gozo, Qawra, Cospicua and Manoel Island where the venues chosen by participants and proved adequately chosen with the lack of places available for match fishing around the island.

This year’s HOFC Doubles was a nice battled league as always in our club we emphasize on friendship and learning together as one group. Marlon Tanti and Wayne Bugeja set off with a nice pace and ended up winners just above Dorian Formosa and Noel Baldacchino. In third place this year it was nice to see Lawrence Pulis and Sheldon Bouvett providing a good challenge in all matches and finishing in third place.

Just after the Doubles league ended it was then the turn of the much awaited singles league. Adrian Nelson for the second year in a row won the overall first place despite a slow start in the first matches. Yet again it was a nice overall podium for Marlon Tanti who provided a superb challenge for Nelson till the last match in Manoel Island. Michael Godfrey also had a nice run up catching a nice sea bass from Birgu and ending up in third place overall and noticeably netting a total of over 10kgs of fish from five matches and winning the biggest fish of the league.

Club was in full preparations for the first ever float fishing league being organised in North Africa. So far no other Maltese club has ever travelled out of Europe and ventured in such tournaments. It was the nicest of events being organised by Match Fishing Tunisia in which not less than 80 anglers fished for the very first time the port of La Goulette in Tunisia. In less than a month our club members were in full swing on rigging on their floats and matching their bolo rods to prepare for this big level tournament. Yet again our club has done brilliantly with Adrian Nelson placing in 4th place overall, Noel Baldacchino in 7th and Peter Paul Azzopardi also snatching a second overall in his section.

This year’s mullet league was voted from club members to change slightly in a new format as anglers will be fishing exclusively the float fishing method and only farka and dough can be used as baits. It was a nice ending and a very successful year for Marlon Tanti being crowned champion of this prestigious tournament. He managed a good finale in the last two matches beating nearest rival our mullet man Micheal Godfrey, while in third place Peter Paul Azzopardi.

During the year the club was also busy organising friendly trout fishing tournament abroad for club members and families in Sicily. For the very first time locally a junior school was organised in the summer months too.