KSFA roundup 2018

The year 2018 was a very busy year for KSFA, which kicked off with the AGM which was held on the 7th January, where present members renewed their membership and new members were enrolled, over a full English breakfast!

The committee of 2018 was made up of: 

  • President: John Attard
  • Vice-President: Saviour Borg
  • Treasurer: Alexander Genovese
  • Secretary: Jonathan Vella
  • PRO: Andre Borg
  • Match Co-ordinator: Jonathan Aquilina
  • Ass Match Co-ordinator Bjorn Brincat
  • Ass Secretary: Roberto Bugeja.

The fishing bonanza of 2018 kicked of with the doubles league. The 1st match was held at Manoel Island, where 11 teams took part. Other venues were Corinthia Marina Paceville, Xlendi Gozo, Birgu Waterfront and Xghajra.

This was a very keenly contested league with only 1 point separating the winners, who were:

  • 1st place: Jonathan Aquilina & Jason Saliba – 7pts – 6.10kgs
  • 2nd place: Bjorn Brincat & Miguel Grech – 8pts- 8.06kgs
  • 3rd place Joseph Ellul & Jonathan Vella -8pts – 7.10kgs
  • Biggest fish was won by Fortune Calafato – 690g

This league was mainly sponsored by Mister fish as main sponsor and AL Legna

Biggest Fish trophy was sponsored by Mirandex.

On the 3rd of March KSFA members for the very first time were given the opportunity, to fish fresh water for trout, in Lago Macrostigma Rosolini. This was a great experience and of course the trout was delicious!

Right on the heel of the doubles league followed the Johnstons Single League, this started off with 4 qualifying matches which were held at Bigu Toqba, Manoel Island, Boiler Wharf and Senglea.

With the final 2 qualifiers containing 10 finalists being fished at Birgu Waterfront & Ciorinthia Marina.


If ever there was a close call for a league this was it, were only a few grams separated the winners who were:
• 1st place: Roberto Bugeja -3pts – 1.75kgs
• 2nd place: John Attard -3pts – 1.67kgs
• 3rd place: Clayton Camilleri -3pts- 1.61kgs

This league was mainly sponsored by Mister Fish and Marks Hardware suppliers.

In October KSFA also took part in a 2day tournament in Scogletti Scicly, where our 7 anglers obtained great results, which translated into a 2nd overall place for the Club.

The much awaited 3 day tournament was held in October with astonishing total weights, the first 3 places an indication on their own, these being:

  • 1st place: Aaron Xuereb & Antoine Borg – 9.98kgs
  • 2nd place: John Attard & Robert Attard – 9.09kgs
  • 3rd place: Fortune Calafat & James Gilson – 7.3kgs
  • Biggest Fish Salvu Borg: Mullet 1.11kgs.

Venues were Birgu Toqba, Manoel Island and Corinthia Marina.

Main sponsor for this tournament together with Mister Fish was Café Du Brazil. 

5 KSFA members travelled again to Scicly this time Siracusa and took part in the Coppa Italia, with great results again, out of 102 angles, obtaining no less the a 1st in section, a 2nd and two 3rds.

Last but not least came the mullet league which is judged by weight, the top 3 being:

  • 1st place: Mario Marlow – 5.82kgs
  • 2nd place James Gilson – 4.99kgs
  • 3rd place Stephan Zahra 3.96kgs
  • Biggest Fish Stephan Zahra – 1kg

KSFA also took part in the National league with excellent results with Miguel Grech and John Attard, placing 1st & 2nd respectively and KSFA placing 3rd overall.

The year ended with the annual presentation on the 13th December which was held at Scicluna Farmhouse.

Looking forwarded for 2019!