Carl Cassar wins match 3


Today, the 14th of April 2019 the anglers met at Birgu Toqba  for the 3rd match of the season, this one being of an open category…. Like the previous 2 matches, strong winds and large waves kept us inshore. As per norm, marshal s got to pegging whilst the chief marshal for the day took care of the section’s ballot. 

These were drawn at 5.30am and all had 1 hour to get to their pegs and set up. 6.30am, the horn was blown and the match commenced. Sadly this match had to be stopped 30 min earlier as a group of over 30 divers decided it was fit for them to jump in midst our anglers during the match… Sadly our complaints fell on deaf ears. 

Carl Cassar
Carl Cassar, winner match 3
Overall winner for the day was Carl Cassar for Bluesea Malta Club who secured a weight of 1.38kg with a variety of fish caught which included a number of nice sized parrot fish. 2nd place was secured by Raymond Farrugia of Kingfisher who caught 1.05kg of fish. On the other hand, Sandro Cohen from Kingfisher, managed a 3rd place overall in this match with a weight of 630g.
We look forward to the 4th and final match for the final standing s which will be that of the float category to be held on the 5th of May 2019.