Malta to participate in European Float Angling Championship

Fips M

The mission of the National Federation of Sports Anglers Malta, also referred to as the N.F.S.A.M. is to educate and train men and women in the sport of competitive shore based angling on both national and international levels and to promote, and educate its members in the conservation of our fisheries and seas.

After an absence on the International scene, The NFSAM has once again selected a team of qualified anglers to represent Malta on the international scene of shore fishing competitions, including the float fishing competition held each year by the FIPS-Mer which is an arm of the International Angling Confederation (“CIPS”).

The Maltese Team is composed of 5 anglers will leave Malta on the 16th of June will fly to Cagliari and then head to Porto Torres situated in the North of Sardegna for the 13th European Float Angling Championship.

The strong 5 man team will be captained by Carmelo Quattrocchi alongside veterans of the sport John Attard & Adrian Nelson who all have competed in European and World championships in recent years. They will also be joined by Miguel Grech and Matthew Dimech who although aren’t new on the local scene will be experiencing the challenge of European championship beyond our shores for the first time.

On the other hand, Robert Attard, NFSAM secretary, will be handling the roles of Coach and Manager of the team during this championship.

Robert Attard

 We strongly believe that the team selected will represent Malta with honor and dignity and will display sportsmanship to the highest of standards with respect for their fellow members and competitors from around the Europe.

The NFSAM takes this opportunity to thank Sport Malta for their promise to help with funding through their program for 2018-2019 by sharing part of the burden borne by our athletes to compete on an international level.

Carmelo Quattrocchi
John Attard
Matthew Dimech
Adrian Nelson