Match Fishing Rules

Competition rules:

PDF – 2018 updated Rules and Reg

1. Competitions will be held at a location which would have been decided earlier by the committee. Competitions moved to alternative venues may be decided by the chief marshal or committee members before the beginning of the competition.

2. Competition’s starting and finishing time will be decided and advised by the committee. Delays at starting may be needed and decided by the chief marshal of the day. Late comers may compete at their own disadvantage.

3. All competitors must remain at their fishing positions during the competition and nobody is allowed to move away unless nature calls and with the marshal being advised. Or if Marshall not in the vicinity and nature calls the competitor adjacent. Otherwise a warning be issued and if repeated 1pt deduction.

4. Competitors will compete from start to finish. Hence the introduction of a 4 man team + 1 reserve. Reserve may only be allowed to participate if his club notifies the NFSAM PRIOR to the start of the match. The idea of the reserve is so that competitors fish from start to finish. Weights will not be taken before the end of the match unless an angler is visibly injured or in pain and only upon the discretion of the chief marshal (or NFSAM committee member present at the scene who must advise the chief marshal of his/her decision a.s.a.p.). If a competitor stops, he/she is not allowed to throw the remaining ground baits or bait, into the sea. If competitor leaves without a valid reason and without advising marshal under the conditions listed above, he will we be accorded 10+1 penalty pts.

5. A distance of not less than 5 metres will be kept between competitors, depending on the location.

6. Ground baiting is not allowed before the competition starts but keepnets may be deployed before. Depth finding before the competition begins is allowed. Ground bait can only be thrown and not anchored down or held in any way in the water. 3 penalty pts.

7. Nobody is allowed to help the competitor in any way, as landing or unhooking a fish, borrow equipment or bait, etc… during the competition. 1pt if breached.

8. A degree of seriousness and self discipline will be kept at all times.

9. Each competitor may use only one (1) rod of his/her choice during the competition, but can have many others be prepared and held near. Automatic disqualification, with no right of appeal if caught on the spot.

10. Not more than two (2) hooks may be used with each rod. Hooks used are to be wider than 5mm. An appropriate gauge will be provided to each angler. If the hook, held vertically, goes through the hole without added force, then it cannot be used. If in doubt speak to your club representative or any chief marshal before using it. Should any angler be found using a hook smaller than the 5mm limit during a competition, after double checking with the chief marshal, an immediate disqualification will follow. Automatic disqualification with no right of appeal.

Hook gauge

11. Artificial lures are not allowed. Disqualification with no right of appeal.

12. Double or treble hooks are not allowed to be used. Disqualification with no right of appeal.

13. The only bait prohibited, is local crayfish (known as ckall). Any other bait can be used. However, in the case of fish being used as bait, unless caught during the duration of the competition, competitors must inform the chief marshal of any fish brought as bait. Any fish allowed but head and tail should be removed prior the beginning of the competition. Penalty points if breached, 2pts per fish and 1pt per Ckall.

14. Snails, crabs, cuttlefish, octopus, squids or any other unfish like form will not be weighed in.

15. Eels and sea rays will be weighed.

16. Marshals may ask to check within a competitor’s bag at any given time. Should any prohibited items be found, the case will be reported to the chief marshal.

17. All competitors are to use adequate keep nets and every effort must be done to keep the fish alive. Keep nets shall be kept in the sea until the marshal comes for weigh in. 2 penalty Pts if breached.

18. If the fish swallows the hook completely, the line must be cut. If a fish is visibly mishandled to remove the hook, it will not be weighed.

19. In rocky areas and when impossible to use keep nets, all competitors must have a bucket not less than 20L. Water must be changed frequently.

20. Nobody is allowed to touch a competitor’s keep net. No third part person may touch a competitors keepnet, a warning will be issued which may be followed by 1 pt reduction.

21. At the end of a competition, nobody is allowed to move more the one peg left or right from his/her position until the fish have been weighed in and definitely not to put anything or take anything form car, if breached 5 penalty pts.

22. When in a competition 2 or more competitors of the same section or when choosing the overalls, have equal weights, (pairing of points) the same points are given and the next point will be removed.

23. If any fish for the biggest fish category is to be weighed, the competitor will decide which to weigh in at the end.

24. The biggest fish category may be entered by advising the marshal, who in return makes a note of the name and weight of the fish.

25. If a fish is caught towards the end of a match, the competitor will have up to 15 minutes extra to land the fish.

26. All live fish must be released after weigh-in, whilst those dead should be removed and not thrown into the sea. These may be collected for research or donated to charity.

27. All competitors must leave their fishing positions clean and correctly dispose of any rubbish in a rubbish bin when available, or else this must be taken away. Depending on gravity of the case competitor may be deducted between 1 and 5pts.

28. A set of rules must be given to each member when registering for the league.

29. If during a competition, by any occurring circumstance, it needs to be stopped, if half of the competition time had passed, the weight of fish caught needs to be taken and will count as the final result. However, if half of the competition time is not reached, the competition will be cancelled and another competition date shall be organized to compensate to it. In such a situation, the marshal must record the time at which the competition stopped.

30. If a competitor is absent for any reason, he will be awarded the maximum+2 points if a penalty point system is used, or the corresponding 0 points if a point system is used.

31. All dry nets in any section will be awarded the maximum penalty points if a penalty point system is used or the corresponding 0 points if a point system is used.

32. Argument & fights between individuals: In the unlikely and unfortunate event of 2 persons or more getting into an argument, be it verbal or physical, the chief marshal is to be called on site & it is up to him/her to decide whether the case is serious enough to expel both /all persons involved from the match day. Should they be sent away, they are then to appear in front of the Board of Discipline to see whether it is going to be a 1 match ban or a complete suspension from the league. Based on the severity of the case, the board of discipline can and will consider that/those person/s future participation in NFSAM Leagues & matches.


Float fishing competitions:

In addition to the above rules, float fishing competitions will also include these rules:

33. Only float fishing is allowed. Disqualified no appeal.

34. No ‘Polaris’ style floats may be used. Disqualified no appeal.

35. Controller floats and Floating Bombarda can be used on the condition that when left freely in the sea, they remain floating. If breached automatic disqualification with no appeal.

36. The float has to carry the lead weight on the line at all times. Keeping the floats in mid air or lying on the side is not float fishing, thus not permitted. Initially a warning will be issued, after which a 5pt deduction will come into force.

37. No more than 2 hooks may be used with each rod. Pater Noster setup cannot be used. Rigging 2 hooks closely and on the same trace is not allowed. Disqualification with no right of appeal.