Hooked on Fishing Club Malta

Hooked on Fishing Club Malta was established in November 2013 when Peter Paul Azzopardi had been debating on the possibility of creating a club to attract fishing enthusiasts to become members. This was successful with a year of good atmosphere & sportsmanship between members.

From the first year our club kicked off, one could see the vast interest from Anglers to join as we had record numbers registered as members for the first couple of years, we still do have a big family which is formed by its 40 members that altogether work to keep connected and learn from each other.

Although we are a relatively new club, we have managed to compete abroad in the 1st Trofeo Mediterraneano, 1st Trofeo d Inverno & the 1st Trofeo Canna da Riva Mare Nostrum which we also achieved positive results.  We also introduced fresh water fishing for Trout over in Sicily which was a new experience for all the anglers that took part.

Locally we fished many different venues, with some of them were new for club matches. It was a gamble the Club’s Committee took which paid off with these new venues being a success. This year we also organised a Memorial Match in respect and honour of one of our members that unfortunately passed away last year. Who was loved by all members in the club in fact he was nick named ‘Coach’

When it comes to Charities , we as a club always encourage to participate in these events no matter if they are our own events or other Club’s due to we believe that it is a the least one can do to help others. Seminars are another thing the Club like to hold whenever possible, to share the Anglers Knowledge between all the club members which always attracts quite a few members as there is always space for each and every one to learn more about our Sport.

The Club also believes in fish conservation and is constantly seeking options on how to reduce the mortality rate of fish caught to enable them to be released back in the sea in the best condition possible.  There is still room for improvement but as a club, that is what we strive for.

The Club also to holds meetings & discussions about fishing, seminars about different fishing techniques and much more….